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Hamilton Robotics Partners with Coastal Genomics to Introduce Innovative Technologies to Automate Agarose Gel DNA Fragment Selection20 Jan 2014Read
Pacific Biosciences and Sage Science Announce Co-Marketing Partnership10 Jun 2013Read
Simplify Nucleic Acid Size Selection for Fragment Library Prep with SPRIselect8 Nov 2012Read

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Safe Gel Imaging with Blue Light Excitation Using GelGreen™ Dye with the GelDoc-It® Imaging System and Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate14 Nov 2014Read
KAPA2GTM Robust HotStart Mouse Genotyping12 Sep 2014Read
Say Goodbye to Manual Gels: Automated DNA Size Selection Has Arrived18 Aug 2014Read
Automated TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation from FFPE Tissue Specimens utilizing the Biomek FXP Liquid Handler22 Oct 2013Read
Tag Team: Scientists Use Pippin to Optimize Nextera Libraries17 Sep 2013Read
New Take on RADseq Enables High-Throughput Variant Discovery17 Sep 2013Read
ChIP-Seq Library Prep Using the Pippin Prep DNA Size Selection System11 Sep 2013Read
High Resolution LabChip XT Fractionation of Illumina Compatible Small RNA Libraries using the DNA 300 Assay Kit21 Aug 2013Read
Gel-Free Size Selection Using SPRIselect For Next Generation Sequencing26 Jun 2013Read
DNA Quality Control of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded and Fresh-Frozen Tissues Prior to Target-Enrichment and Next Generation Sequencing3 May 2013Read


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Tutorial: Loading and Starting a Run on the SageELF (Video 5)16 Dec 2014Watch  
Tutorial: Creating a Fractionation Protocol on SageELF (Video 3)16 Dec 2014Watch  
Tutorial: Optical Calibration for SageELF (Video 2)16 Dec 2014Watch  
Tutorial: Preparing Samples for the SageELF (Video 1) 16 Dec 2014Watch  
Agarose Gel Simulation with DNASTAR’s GeneQuest Software28 Jun 2013Watch  
Innovative Solutions for Fast and Efficient NGS Sample Preparation24 Apr 2013Watch