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Fluoresentric, Inc. Launches New Direction in Molecular Diagnostics11 Feb 2015Read
Fluoresentric, Inc. Invited to Present XCR™ at Tri-Conference11 Feb 2015Read
Rheonix to Host Workshop at Association for Molecular Pathology 2014 Annual Meeting and Showcase Breakthrough Molecular Platform29 Oct 2014Read
Exclusive Interview: Has DNA Sequencing Technology Identified ‘Jack the Ripper’?24 Sep 2014Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches illustra™- Single Cell GenomiPhi for Highly Reproducible and Accurate Genomic DNA Amplification1 Sep 2014Read
Bioo Scientific Launches 16S V1 – V3 rRNA Library Prep Kits for Bacterial Metagenomics Studies29 Jul 2014Read
Bio-Rad Launches New Reagents for Target-Specific Preamplification of Limited Templates for Real-Time PCR13 Jun 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces New SureDirect Blood PCR Kit19 May 2014Read
Eppendorf’s New Mastercycler Nexus X2 Provides Multi-Block Solution for High Volume, Simultaneous PCR Runs4 Apr 2014Read
Coming out of the Cold with Stat-Nat® Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix3 Apr 2014Read

  Application Articles

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Chromatrap® 96: A New Solid-State Platform for High-Throughput ChIP15 Jan 2015Read
Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing for Forensic Genomics27 Nov 2014Read
Automated Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) Technology for Targeted Complete Gene Sequencing Using the JANUS NGS Express Workstation18 Nov 2014Read
Fast PCR using PrimeSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase vs. Other High-Fidelity Polymerases26 Sep 2014Read
PrimeSTAR® GXL DNA Polymerase: One Enzyme for Every Reaction23 Sep 2014Read
High-Throughput Cloning of Functional Elements in the Human Genome22 Sep 2014Read
Development of the PowerPlex® Fusion System10 Sep 2014Read
High-Fidelity Amplification of GC-Rich DNA is a Challenging Application Due to the Low Processivity and Lack of Robustness of Most Proofreading DNA Polymerases1 Sep 2014Read
Current Workflows for the Extraction and Amplification of DNA for Mouse Genotyping can Benefit from Improvements in Throughput, Turnaround Time and Reliability12 Aug 2014Read
Cancer Resequencing on Roche GS FLX Using KAPAHiFi™ DNA Polymerase8 Aug 2014Read


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Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase from New England Biolabs28 Jan 2014Watch  
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