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Bioo Scientific Launches 16S V1 – V3 rRNA Library Prep Kits for Bacterial Metagenomics Studies29 Jul 2014Read
Bio-Rad Launches New Reagents for Target-Specific Preamplification of Limited Templates for Real-Time PCR13 Jun 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces New SureDirect Blood PCR Kit19 May 2014Read
Eppendorf’s New Mastercycler Nexus X2 Provides Multi-Block Solution for High Volume, Simultaneous PCR Runs4 Apr 2014Read
Coming out of the Cold with Stat-Nat® Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix3 Apr 2014Read
Whole Genome Amplification Service from LGC24 Dec 2013Read
SeraCare Introduces New Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA AccuSpan™ Linearity Panel18 Dec 2013Read
Tecan’s Air LiHa Streamlines Forensic DNA Quantitation and Amplification at the Orange County Crime Laboratory, California, USA26 Nov 2013Read
Eppendorf's Mastercycler nexus Awarded with Green Excellence Award8 Nov 2013Read
Bibby Scientific to Showcase Newest Instruments at Lab Innovations 20134 Oct 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Direct PCR from Blood Preserved on Whatman FTA and 903 Cards using Thermo Scientific Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit6 Feb 2014Read
High-performance PCR template DNA from preserved blood samples using MagAttract® technology and the BioRobot® M48 workstation24 Dec 2013Read
Enhancing Forensic Analysis of Trace DNA Using the MinElute® PCR Purification Kit5 Dec 2013Read
Automated Purification of DNA from Urine for Sensitive PCR of Chlamydia Trachomatis Amplicons27 Nov 2013Read
PCR-RFLP Directly from Blood Using Thermo Scientific Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit5 Nov 2013Read
Development of a New Real-Time PCR Quantitation System for Human and Y DNA Analysis and Normalization Software5 Nov 2013Read
Low-Volume 384-Well PCR Set-Up Using Promega’s PCR Master Mix and the TTP LabTech4 Nov 2013Read
Thermo Scientific Phire Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit: Genotyping Transgenic Mice1 Nov 2013Read
Use of the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and DNA 500 LabChip in the Analysis of PCR Amplified Mitochondrial DNA11 Feb 2013Read
Consideration for the Evaluation of Plus Stutter for AmpFℓSTR® PCR Amplification Kits in Human Identification Laboratories6 Feb 2013Read


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Important Tips for Working with Q5 DNA Polymerase17 Feb 2014Watch  
Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase from New England Biolabs28 Jan 2014Watch  
New England Biolabs: How to Amplify GC Rich DNA?24 Dec 2013Watch  
Watch QIAGEN's Unique PCR Buffer in Action27 Aug 2013Watch  
Changing Science: The Evolution and Revolution of PCR23 Aug 2013Watch  
Introducing the T100 Thermal Cycler from Bio-Rad19 Aug 2013Watch  
Touch the Future of PCR11 Jun 2013Watch  
Triumph Over PCR with High Fidelity Polymerases: PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max 17 Apr 2013Watch  
Small Droplet Chips for Producing and Analyzing Micro Emulsions18 Jul 2012Watch