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JPK Reports on the Studies of Adhesion Forces Between Cancer Cells at the Institute of Physiology II at the University of Münster, Germany20 Feb 2014Read
CYTOO’s Adhesive Micropatterns are Cited in More than 30 Scientific Papers12 Mar 2013Read
CYTOO’s 2D+ Technology and Applications in the Limelight at SLAS20137 Jan 2013Read
CYTOO's Motility Plates to Study Cell Migration to be Launched at American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)3 Dec 2012Read
Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Cancer Biomarker Assays21 Nov 2012Read
Extracellular Matrix Combinatorial Library Launched30 Oct 2012Read
Cell Adhesion Assays Help Evaluate Optimal Cell Attachment24 Sep 2012Read

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Formation of Spheroids and Suppression of Adhesion by Adherent Growing Cells in inertGrade™ Microplates18 Dec 2014Read
Rapid Selection of Adherent Cell Lines Using ClonePix Technology2 Dec 2014Read
Dynamic Expansion of Vero and MRC-5 Cells Using Corning® Microcarriers19 Nov 2014Read
Corning® PureCoat™ ECM Mimetic Cultureware: Animal-Free, Synthetic Surfaces for Serum-free Culture of Adherent Cells10 Nov 2014Read
Metastatic Movement of Melanoma Cell Line using VenaT4 Biochip under Flow Conditions11 Oct 2013Read
High Throughput Cell Adhesion: Screening of VLA-4 Antagonists Under Physiological Shear Flow Conditions14 May 2013Read
Incorporating the Extracellular Matrix: New Opportunities in Cancer Research30 Jan 2013Read
Screening for Cell Adhesion Properties7 Nov 2012Read


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