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Deep-Cooled Scientific Spectroscopy Camera Offers Unprecedented UV-Vis and NIR Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Resolution5 Nov 2014Read
Andor Launches New Ultrasensitive OEM Camera for Superior Spectroscopy in the NIR2 May 2014Read
Andor Technology Announces Launch of Its iKon-M SY and Newton SY Series of CCD Cameras7 Mar 2014Read
New e-Shutter from Horiba Scientific Offers Exposures as Short as 4 Microseconds3 Feb 2014Read
B&W Tek Announces Upgrades to the Exemplar Series Spectrometers22 Jan 2014Read
Deep Sea Remotely Operated Vehicles Benefit from Wide Angle Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics2 Dec 2013Read
Low Cost Neutron Imaging with Cooled CCD Cameras from Artemis CCD12 Sep 2013Read
Resolve Optics to Showcase High Performance Bespoke & Off-the-Shelf Lenses at PHOTONEX 201315 Aug 2013Read
Andor’s sCMOS Cameras Exhibit 100 fps in µManager Open Source Microscopy Acquisition Software18 Jul 2013Read
Horiba Scientific Announces the New MESA-50 X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer10 Jul 2013Read

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Quantitative Image Analysis of Intracellular Protein Dynamics9 Oct 2014Read
Three-Dimensional Plasmonic Nanoclusters9 Oct 2014Read
MAGPIX® Provides Equivalent Performance to the Luminex® 100/200 in an HPV Vaccination Trial11 Sep 2014Read


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ADAM Automated Cell Counter5 Feb 2013Watch  
Research Facilitated by Imaging18 May 2012Watch