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NT-MDT Launches Titanium, the First AFM with Automated, Multiple Tip Exchange28 Mar 2014Read
New NIST Publication on AFM-IR has Implications for Catalysis Research25 Mar 2014Read
JPK Launches Fast-Scanning & Super-Resolution NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM System11 Dec 2013Read
JPK Reports on the Study of Structure and Dynamics of Biological Membranes using AFM and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopies15 Oct 2013Read
Bruker Strengthens Position in Life Science Markets via the Acquisition of Prairie Technologies13 Sep 2013Read
JPK Reports on the Studies of the Nanomechanical Properties of Biomaterials at Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan3 Sep 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Furthers Investigative Potential of Scanning Microwave Microscopy via Enhanced EMPro Software16 Aug 2013Read
JPK Reports on the Developments of High Resolution Imaging at Kanazawa University in Japan30 Jul 2013Read
JPK Reports on Single Molecule Research at IISER Pune in India using AFM and CellHesion Techniques21 May 2013Read
Anasys Reports on University of Illinois Study of Near-Field Behavior of Semiconductor Plasmonic Microparticles using AFM-IR Published in APL15 May 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Simultaneous Atomic Force Microscopy, TIRF, and FSD Confocal Microscopy for Live Cell Mechanotransduction Studies13 Mar 2014Read
Imaging of Graphene with Confocal Raman and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)19 Nov 2013Read
Digital Pulsed Force Mode – Polymer Differentiation26 Apr 2013Read
Digital Pulsed Force Mode - Adhesion and Separation Mode25 Apr 2013Read
Digital Pulsed Force Mode – Thin Layers of Polyvinylalcohol25 Apr 2013Read
Imaging of a Diamond Film, Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene with Confocal Raman and Atomic Force Microscopy5 Mar 2013Read
Raman, PL and AFM Measurements on Laser Lithographically Written Structures in Si15 Nov 2012Read


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Bruker BioScope Catalyst – Integrating AFM and Optical Microscopy19 Dec 2013Watch

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