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ZINSSER ANALYTIC, founded in 1970 in Frankfurt by Werner Zinsser has a unique line of products for the biochemical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic research market from high quality consumables such as scintillation cocktails, glass and plastic sample vials, Microscale glassware kits (Minilabor) or Microsyringes for chromatography and liquid handling to automated workbench systems.

Our workbench automation systems are designed for modern drug discovery and combinatorial chemistry and are supplied to leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and electronic companies and research laboratories worldwide. Every system is unique as we configure our hardware to suit the exact requirements of the customer.

We supply unique automatic synthesizers for solid phase and solution phase synthesis as well as special synthesizers for peptides and catalysts. Automatic powder dispensing in combination with liquid handling and weighing has opened up new applications in parallel chemistry. Lately the company has introduced unique workflow systems for polymorph salt screening, formulations and solubility testing for High Throughput Testing of drug candidates, as well as blending stations for oils and lubricants.

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