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  Designed for use in multi channel pipetting applications, these disposa...

Versatile general purpose water bath with digital display, programmable timer, prog...

Time three separate lab operations simultaneously. Unit also serves as a stopwat...

Compact test tube vortexer for mixing small test samples with a touch function. ...

Crystal clear virgin PS, sterile and certified non pyrogenic. VWR Collection fla...

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At VWR, we enable science for the advancement of the world's most critical research through the distribution of a highly diversified product line to most of the world's top pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as industrial, educational and governmental organisations.

We provide our customers with an expansive choice of premiere products, such as chemicals, furniture, equipment, instruments, apparel and consumables, from a vast group of leading scientific manufacturers, all the tools they need to succeed.

With 150 years of industry experience, VWR has supported customers through a combination of strength, vision and innovation with well-established distribution network that reaches thousands of specialised labs and facilities spanning the globe. VWR does more than simply supply products - it keeps the world's most critical research moving forward. VWR's expertise in supply chain and logistical services enables customers to fully focus on their areas of expertise. From managing procurement processes to integrating supply chains, VWR helps specialized research facilities and labs operate at maximum efficiency.

VWR has over 6,500 associates, in 21 countries with direct operations around the world, working to streamline the way researchers across North America, Europe, and Asia stock and maintain their labs. In addition, VWR further supports its customers by providing onsite services, storeroom management, product procurement, supply chain systems integration and technical services

Our global footprint continues to expand and we hold to the principle that clients benefit from the accessibility and familiarity of local sales teams.

In today's economy VWR helps its customers in staying focused on increasing productivity and reducing costs, as well as optimising their procurement operations.

Headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania (USA) VWR International, LLC, has worldwide sales of over $3.5 billion in 2009.

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