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SX45 Stereo Zoom Microscope
Designed as an affordable stereo zoom microscope, the SX45 with its long working distance, precision optics and compact design is...

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Lynx Zoom Stereo Microscope
The Lynx stereo microscope utilises Vision Biomed's patented Dynascope technology. Dynascope technology offers the user advanced ...

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Expanded Pupil Technology
Isis expanded pupil is newly patented multi-lenticular technology to a new device designed to enhance the ergonomics of all conventional bi...

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DX21 Routine Microscope
The DX21 raises the bar in educational and clinical examination. The infinity optical system provides clear sharp images and Vision Biome...

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DX61 Inverted Routine Microscope
The DX61 offers life science professionals convenience, performance and flexibility combining infinity corrected optics with innovative m...

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Company Profile

Vision Biomed's area of excellence is microscope ergonomics. Microscope users who use their instruments intensively struggle with the optical and mechanical limitations of microscopes. Constraints such as limited head freedom, small optical paths and limited hand-to-eye coordination reduce efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Vision have developed a number of patented techniques which allow microscope users to work efficiently, fast and accurately by expanding the optical exit pupil and acceptance angle of microscopes. These patented techniques can be applied to a wide range of microscope uses within the broad laboratory sectors, from low magnification stereo viewers ideal for observing or manipulating small 3D objects through to the most demanding high magnification screening applications.

A wide range of ergonomically optimised instruments are available, from low magnification stereo viewers through to routine laboratory microscopes.? All of these products benefit from patented optical technology which allows the operator to wear eyeglasses and maintain a comfortable body posture.

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