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acumen® Cellista Laser Scanning Ima...
acumen® Cellista – the fastest high content screening system. acumen Cellista is a microplate-based laser scanning imaging cyto...

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mirrorball® Imaging Cytometer for A...
mirrorball ® – antibody screening on a plate The mirrorball high sensitivity cytometer represents one of the most versatile i...

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comPOUND® Modular Sample Storage Sy...
comPOUND® Together the comPOUND (-20oC) and the arktic (-80oC) offer modularity, flexibility, scalability and a small footprint. The ...

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mosquito® Crystal Nanolitre Protein...
mosquito® Crystal. mosquito Crystal is the protein crystallographer’s favourite liquid handler! It makes protein crystallography screeni...

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mosquito® HTS Nanolitre Liquid Hand...
mosquito® HTS mosquito HTS offers an accurate and easy to use solution which can be applied to miniaturising any assay within an autom...

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Company Profile

TTP Labtech’s aim is to offer pioneering, high calibre solutions to the life sciences industry. We focus on the creation, design, manufacture and support of robust, reliable and easy-to-use instrumentation as we believe that’s what today’s busy scientists deserve.

We provide state-of-the-art solutions developed for specific product areas including: cell-based screening, sample management, liquid handling and the management of analytical automation.

Our unique solutions offer you better tools and techniques, saving time and material costs and simplifying complex operations. We achieve this through our staff, who combine cutting-edge science with first-rate engineering, manufacturing and customer support.