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The Specac Mini-Film Maker is designed to produce high-quality thin films of polymer ...

The Specac Mini-Pellet Press is an entry-level laboratory hydraulic press for the pre...

Specac’s Atlas Series Manual Hydraulic Press is available in 15 and 25 ton load confi...

The Pearl is an innovation for analysing liquid samples with IR spectroscopy. ...

Specac offers a Short Pathlength Gas Cell that is ideal for routine gas and vapour ...

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Specac delivers quality products engineered to meet your needs. Our accessories are easy to use and built to last. From thin plastic film preparation accessories used for routine quality checks, to sophisticated fiber optic coupled, remote sampling systems for reaction monitoring. Specac has the experience to povide the ideal sampling solution even if your solution is non standard, you can draw upon the resources of our optical and mechanical engineering experts, as well as our specialist team of spectroscopists, together we can satisfy your sampling needs.

Our service does not stop there. Our products are backed by technical support and expertise. Whether you need advice in determining the best accessory for your application, or assistance with alignment or operation, a network of customer support representatives is on hand worldwide.

Since quick delivery is a vital factor in customer satisfaction, same or next day delivery of most stock items is standard.

If you are involved with FTIR analysis Specac can deliver quality sampling accessories, giving you genuine value for money. Join our many loyal and satisfied customers who choose Specac to deliver Innovative Solutions for Infared Spectroscopy.

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