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Skuld-Tech is an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to functional genomic. Its mission is to select and validate biomarkers leading to design new diagnosis, identify new targets, generate new leads for biopharmaceutical companies and tailors treatment.

Skuld-Tech platform is focused on existing molecules/drugs repositioning and therapies optimisation especially in oncology and haematology through its bioinformatics tools and gene profiling technologies.

In particular, Skuld-Tech provides its partners and clients with its transcriptomic platform through outsourcing services, insourcing licensing and research contract. These business ways are covering the access to the gene profiling platform as well as the bioinformatics platform covering worldwide gene profiling database.

Through its bioinformatics platform, Skuld-Tech provides access to the world largest transcriptomic database containing more than 600 gene expression patterns, covering:

  • 500 Human different gene expression patterns,
  • 25 Human different tissues,
  • 150 Human different physiopathological conditions (cancer, infections, inflammation…),
  • 22 different species gene expression patterns.

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134, rue du Curat
Immeuble Amarante
34090 Montpellier
+33 (0)4 67 41 97 48
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