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LentiBOOST reagent increases lentiviral transduction of difficult to treat cells, es...

AdenoBOOST is a peptide-based solution to enhance uptake of adenovirus and increase ...

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SIRION Biotech is Europe's leading Viral Vector Supplier  with the most comprehensive portfolio of vector technology plattforms, shortest response times and most reliable project management. Viral Vectors are being used to research Gene Function, Target Validation, Gene Therapy & Vaccine Development. All common virus types are available within a matter of weeks - Adenovirus, AAV and Lentivirus

The full range of services at your fingertips spanning from

  • Virus Production
  • Vector engineering
  • Virus based technology development and improvement

Personalized and project oriented consultations – To find the best possible solution for your project Commercial arrangements range from fee-for-service all the way to milestone based co-development projects & licensing arrangements for existing technologies. In the area of Lentivirus the company recently announced first clinical applications of transduction enhancer LentiBOOST™ to improve gene therapies of human blood cells.


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