Using of State-of-the-Art sciFLEYARRAYER technology we achieve the highest quality a...

The sciFLEXXARRAYER S100 is the world’s first in-line linear drive, high-throughput ...

The sciFLEXARRAYER SX with its maintenance-free linear stage is the ultimate contact...

SCIENION offers innovative, complete and flexible solutions for assay development an...

The sciREADER FL2 enables high quality digital fluorescence imaging of various suppo...

Company Profile

Scienion is a leading supplier of instrumentation and services for assay miniaturization. Proprietary technologies do include piezo electric dispensing, surface modifications and microarray manufacturing.

Based on Scienion's core competence in ultra-low volume liquid handling and microarray manufacturing we provide our customers with an integrated product portfolio facilitating and improving multiparallel bioanalytics. Core applications do include: DNA microarray production, biosensor loading, miniaturized PCR, peptide microarrays, protein microarrays, printing cells.

Scienion combines excellent individuals, having more than 200 manyears of biochip experience, with great liquid handling and detection technologies to provide you with high quality products serving as cost- and time-saving tools for your applications. Depending on your choice we can supply you with both: non-contact microarray printing intruments and microarray manufacturing services.

Scienion's product portfolio comprises hardware, consumables and services.


Claude Dufresne
Volmerstr. 7b
D-1289 Berlin
+49 (0)30 - 6392 1700
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