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Cell and Tissue Culture TC Equipment
Optimised and extended – The new Sarstedt TC products! Cell Culture Flasks & Dishes Sarstedt offers flasks with a growth s...

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50 ml Centrifuge tube
50 ml Centrifuge tubes have been well established for multiple laboratory applications. To accommodate increasingly sophisticated...

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White Multiply® PCR Plates and high...
Fluorescence-based applications like qPCR, particularly those involving small volumes, benefit from the significantly improved reflection ...

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lumox® multiwell – The M...
Sarstedt lumox ® multiwell plates are film-based cell culture systems for automated analyses of fluorescence-based cell assays. The plate...

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SUREGrip Cell & Tissue Culture Dish...
The SUREGrip design for easy, safe, and comfortable handling A raised ring around the circumference of the dish provides a secure grip ...

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Company Profile

The SARSTEDT Group develops and produces instruments and consumables for medicine and research and is one of the leading suppliers in this field. Our product range includes high-quality disposables for blood collection, laboratory and hospital supplies, transfusion medicine and medical research.

To accommodate the needs of laboratories for modern biomedical research, we have developed special product lines for use in tissue culture and molecular biology.

In 1995, to meet the sophisticated demands of medical research and the pharmaceutical and food industries, Sarstedt established the Biosphere quality standard for sterile pipette tips, with and without filter inserts, and reaction tubes. The biologically pure Biosphere products are certified DNA-, RNase-, ATP- and pyrogen-free and are available in small, sterile packaging units.

Especially for non-sterile products used in the highly sensitive PCR process, we have defined the PCR Performance Tested quality standard to ensure that PCR laboratory products such as Multiply PCR tubes and plates do not interfere with PCR.

To maintain a consistent purity standard for our tissue culture products, they are certified non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic.

These quality standards are achieved by using approved materials in a controlled production process under the most stringent purity conditions.