For over 30 years, Renishaw has been an innovator in metrology, the science of measurement, enabling measurements to be taken to international standards.

The company's first product, the touch-trigger probe had been invented by David McMurtry, now Sir David McMurtry, Chairman and Chief Executive, to solve a specific inspection requirement for the Olympus engines used on Concorde. The first Renishaw company was established in 1973 by him and John Deer, now Deputy Chairman. This innovative product went on to revolutionise post-process inspection of machined components.

Today, Renishaw is leading another measurement revolution!

The first product to take advantage of Renscan5® technology is REVO®, the first in a family of measuring head and probe systems, which has redefined the industry standard for scanning systems on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Inspection throughput is maximised whilst a high level of system accuracy is maintained. In relatively new market sectors for the company, Renishaw's expertise in precision manufacturing has already influenced the dental market and the way restorations are carried out.

The company continues to work with the bio-medical profession in the analysis of organic and inorganic substances and how the analysis itself is undertaken. Each of the Group's Products Divisions has provided a mission statement to reinforce its contribution to the Group's overall operations.

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