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Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera
The Rolera EM-C2 camera is a versatile bio-imaging platform which combines unprecedented 40 MHz speed with high resolution and lo...

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QIClick™ Digital CCD Camera
The QImaging QIClick™ digital CCD camera provides solid performance and combines speed with resolution which allows for exception...

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EXi Aqua™ CCD Camera
QImaging's EXi Aqua CCD camera is a multi-talented, user-friendly workhorse that is ideal for the busy laboratory. The camera was designe...

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EXi Blue™ CCD Camera
The EXi Blue CCD camera from QImaging was designed specifically to support life science professionals who study processes within live cel...

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MicroPublisher Cameras
The QImaging MicroPublisher with Real-Time Viewing (RTV) delivers unsurpassed interactivity and productivity by combining ultra-high resol...

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Company Profile

QImaging designs and manufactures user-friendly CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS cameras for a vast variety of life science, machine vision and OEM applications. QImaging is known around the globe for delivering affordable, feature-rich, digital imaging solutions that provide outstanding versatility, ease of use and reliability. Designed to support a wide variety of scientific experiments, researchers gain the outstanding ability to perform quantitative image analysis and acquire high-resolution images for publication.

The OEM division of QImaging provides a dedicated team with access to all the resources required to help customers achieve excellence in their OEM product vision. Offering ultimate performance at an affordable price, this division presents board level cameras, compact size and application versatility. QImaging consistently delivers OEM products that are innovative, easy to integrate, cost-effective and on time. Founded in 1999, QImaging headquartered in Surrey, Canada and is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company.