ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)

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Simon™ Simple Western System
ProteinSimple has developed Simple Western assays as an alternative to traditional Western blot analysis for protein sizing and...

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iCE 3 System
The iCE3 System performs free solution IEF in a capillary column (cIEF) and detects focused protein zones using a whole column U...

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FluorChem M System
FluorChem M sets a new standard for quantitative Western blot detection. Its unique, compact design incorporates state-of-the-art CCD opt...

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Micro Flow Imaging Platform
The Micro Flow Imaging (MFI) platform is a bright-field microscopy based particle analyzer. The MFI accurately counts and characterizes v...

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NanoPro 1000 System
The NanoPro 1000 system enables rapid, quantitative analysis of specific proteins in as few as 25 cells per assay. Detailed information ...

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Company Profile

ProteinSimple's goal is simply to help researchers gain a better understanding of proteins and their role in disease. The Company's strategy is to power protein research by making it simpler and more quantitative, ultimately revealing new insights into the true nature of proteins. ProteinSimple has built a unique portfolio of protein analysis tools including systems for traditional protein imaging, systems to probe the structure and purity of protein based therapeutics and systems that provide fresh insight into protein signaling. ProteinSimple has over 170 employees, more than 10,000 systems installed around the world and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.