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ACSIA NGS Capture Edition, the solution to automate the steps of library preparatio...

ACSIA NGS LibPrep Edition, the solution to automate the libraries preparation for n...

If you meet these needs: PCR and sequencing clean-up gDNA from various m...

If you meet these needs: PCR setup in 96 and 384-wells plate Real time P...

Module for handling of magnetic beads combining simplicity and efficiency. This ...

Company Profile

PrimaDiag, a French company, based at Biocitech (dedicated to Science and biotechnologies) park in the Paris area, develops compact robotics platforms for rapid automation of a large variety of biology protocols and in particular for molecular biology protocols.

PrimaDiag began as an engineering consulting firm in October, 2007 and acquired expertise in the domains of robotics, computer science and biology through various projects realized in France and in Europe.

In 2014, with its acquired experience, PrimaDiag launched its new range of "ACSIA" products offering turnkey solutions, based on a new concept, for the better part of biological protocols. The concept has a set of bases and a set of robotics accessories which can be combined to support a given protocol and managed by a very powerful and user friendly software, PrimaController®II.

Reliable and robust, the ACSIA product line is ideal to prepare of PCR / qPCR, plates, he purification of nucleic acids, the preparation of libraries and the NGS protocol captures as well as any other protocol requiring the handling of liquids.

The ACSIA product line is designed with the best value for money to perform a wide variety of liquid handling protocols with least end user effort and a mastered cost for a rapid return on investment.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France in line with the values which define PRIMADIAG and destined to give you the best service.

Powerful         The high quality for all your protocols 

Reliable         Peace of mind with a French quality design and a team at your service

Innovative          Another way to apprehend automation 

Modular          The flexibility for all your needs

Affordable          The right price for the highest quality

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