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PrimaDiag Racks and Accessories
Racks and accessories for an optimized use of your ACSIA. PrimaDiag provides, with "its turnkey solutions", many racks and ac...

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Protective Enclosure
PrimaDiag provides its ACSIA products line with a protective enclosure. It is available with a ventilated device with HEPA fi...

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PrimaController® II
The PrimaController®II is the brain of ACSIA line and is designed to facilitate the access to the automation to everyone. Realistic a...

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PrimaDiag provides its own brand of tips “ACSIA Tips”. This tips are high quality and autoclavable and ensure a great pipetting qualit...

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Magnetic Work Unit
Module for handling of magnetic beads combining simplicity and efficiency. This innovative module allows replacing the common gripping...

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Company Profile

Established in Biocitech park dedicated to Science and Medical Biotechnology, PRIMADIAG is an innovative French company developing simple and powerful robotic platforms for rapid automation of a wide variety of protocols in the area of biology and particularly for molecular biology.

With the aim to increase your productivity, avoid contamination and improve work efficiency PRIMADIAG ‘s ACSIA line offers a new concept of robots which is simple, modular and affordable.
The ACSIA line relies on a set of robotic bases and accessories that can be combined to support a given biological protocol. Robust and reliable, it is ideal for preparing your PCR/qPCR plates, performing nucleic acids purification, to automate the steps of libraries preparation and enrichment during your processes for the Next Generation Sequencing, or any other liquid handling protocol. Its set of powerful modules is associated with an ergonomic and efficient software, the PrimaController® II.

The ACSIA product line is designed with the best value for money to perform a wide variety of liquid handling protocols with the least end user effort and a mastered cost for a rapid return on investment.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France in line with the values which define PRIMADIAG and destined to give you the best service.

Powerful - "The high quality for all your protocols"
Reliable - "Peace of mind with a french quality design and a team at your service"
Innovative - "Another way to apprehend the automation"
Modular - "The flexibility for all your needs"
Affordable - "The right price for the highest quality"