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The Genius NM32LA Nitrogen generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring N...

The Precision 500 Hydrogen Gas Generator is uniquely designed for scientists who want to operate ...

The Genius 1050 Nitrogen generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring Ni...

Specifically engineered for GC laboratory applications, the Precision series represents the cutting...

Specifically engineered for GC laboratory applications, the Precision series represents the cutting...

Company Profile

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and on-going support of high performance on-demand gas generators for analytical laboratory applications. Established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow (Scotland), where its corporate Headquarters and expanding high-tech manufacturing and R&D facilities reside, Peak Scientific now boasts a significant local presence on every continent around the globe – including substantial operations in North America, China and India.

With nearly two decades of experience in pioneering reliable gas generator technology, Peak Scientific develops market-leading Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Zero Air solutions mainly for the field of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography). Our forte is in providing our customers with a high quality, dependable gas generation solution tailored to meet their specific laboratory demands, backed up with direct world-class technical and on-going service support wherever they may be in the world.

Protecting your productivity

At the core of everything we do here at Peak Scientific is long-term customer satisfaction. Beyond designing and manufacturing the world's best gas generators, is our commitment to maintaining their long-term performance in your laboratory. We view your Peak gas generator as the beating heart of your laboratory, providing gas to your instruments and other processes. As such, all of our generators are backed up by a 12 month warranty providing you with unrivalled peace of mind. But this is enhanced by our world-class Peak Protected generator care cover, providing preventative maintenance, priority breakdown cover and on-going product upgrades to ensure unhindered productivity and hassle-free, long lifetime operation.

The quality of our service is assured the world over as Peak Scientific places a high importance on trusted people with a local, direct Peak presence in over 20 countries. This is why our service is regarded as exceptional within the gas generator marketplace, with all service performed by a dedicated, highly trained Peak Scientific engineer – and not a third-party agent.

Peak performers: our world-class product platforms

Four distinct product series define our core offering to the analytical laboratory market. Our best-selling Genius Series, designed mainly for LC-MS applications, is a self-contained system featuring integrated compressors, delivering laboratory-grade Nitrogen at various pressures and flow rates required by a myriad of instruments. The proven Infinity Series of Nitrogen gas generators are silent-running compressor-free systems for laboratories with an in-house supply of clean, dry air - delivering Nitrogen at a wide range of flow rates including high-flow for more gas hungry applications such as sample evaporation or supplying multiple mass-spec instruments. For very high-flow, high demand needs, our innovative Pressure Swing Absorption based i-FlowLab technology is designed to meet the full and total demand for Nitrogen gas a facility may have, all in one expandable installed solution.

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