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StarDrop 5 - Drug Discovery Software
StarDrop is a suite of software that helps you to deliver optimally balanced, effective drugs - fast StarDrop works by evalua...

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Company Profile

Optibrium is dedicated to providing software to guide decisions involving complex, uncertain data in an intuitive way. Our primary product, StarDrop, is focussed on the drug discovery industry, helping scientists to guide decisions in the design and selection of potential drug molecules.

Optibrium was founded in 2009 as a spin-out of BioFocus DPI (formerly Inpharmatica). The founding group was responsible for the development of StarDrop from 2003 and, prior to this, research and development of related technologies since 1994.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Optibrium has a global customer base ranging from top-10 pharmaceutical companies to small biotechs and academic groups.