Bold Line CO 2 - O 2 Unit [0-20;1-95] Contoller for Hypoxia and Hyperoxia. The B...

Metal T Plate is a one-button solution for temperature control. Ideal to warm up th...

The Okolab Objective Heater is made by a flexible heating collar with a built in te...

UNO-PLUS All-in-one single specimen incubator with the size of a Multi Well plate. ...

Bold Line Cage Incubator H201 - Large volume incubator with local CO2/O2 climate ch...

Company Profile

Okolab was founded in 2002 by a group of scientists on the leading edge of the bio-medical research with a sound experience in the field of microscopy and mechanical engineering.

We proudly supply our products world wide through a well established network of dealers and partners.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture superior quality equipment for research and medical laboratories.

Our Vision

To help our Customers to reach excellence in their own fields of research and activity, by supplying innovative, user friendly, reliable products.

Our Priciples

We are customer oriented
We try to understand the needs of our customers, to offer the most appropriate solution.
We encourage non standard requests; they help up to enrich our product basket.
We do our best to create a simple and user friendly interface.
Excellent pre- and post-sale assistance is oneof our top priorities.

We value technical mastery
We make no compromise on quality.
We use only the best technologies available on the market and ... we keep improving them.
We do not out-source core technology
We seek to be the best
We strive to be the best in all areas of importance for our customers and partners
We learn from both our successes and our failures
We challenge our suppliers and employees for excellence

We value long lasting partnerships
We support our partners and distributors, as we consider them part of the team
We do our best to simplify selection and installation of our products

Contact Okolab

Via G. di Prisco 152 - 80040 Ottaviano, (NA), Italy
+39 081 8062624
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