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NIRQuest Series Spectrometers
The NIRQuest is a versatile NIR spectrometer for applications ranging from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resol...

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Maya2000 Pro
The flagship Maya2000 Pro offers high quantum efficiency and high dynamic range and is responsive in the deep UV (~185-300 nm). Th...

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USB2000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spect...
The USB2000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer is a small-footprint, plug-and-play version of our revolutionary S2000 Miniature Fiber Opti...

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QE65000 Scientific-grade Spectromet...
The QE65000 Spectrometer is a novel combination of detector, optical bench and electronics technologies that provides users with a remarkab...

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USB4000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spect...
The USB4000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer from Ocean Optics is a low-cost, high-performance system easily configured for thousa...

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Company Profile

Ocean Optics, Inc. is a supplier of fully integrated optical sensing systems for the research, development and OEM markets. Our manufacturing expertise includes electro-optical assemblies, precision optics, fiber optic sensors and optical fiber assemblies. Additionally, Ocean Optics provides a wide range of fiber optic and optical design and engineering services for OEM system development.