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Microwave Digestion System. Milestone’s unique Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) tech...

Mercury Analyzer. Milestone’s DMA-80 is a direct mercury analyzer which uses the ...

Microwave Synthesis System. The new Milestone SynthWAVE is designed for safe, re...

DuoPur system with two sub-boiling distillation units. The DuoPUR is a sub-boili...

The most advanced microwave digestion system. Perfect integration between microwave ...

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Milestone has been active since 1988 in the field of microwave sample preparation. With around 20000 instruments installed worldwide, we are the acknowledged industry leader in microwave technology. Milestone's vision is to help chemists by providing the most technologically advanced instrumentation for research and quality control. Our products offer a wide range of applications, such as microwave acid digestion, solvent extraction, synthesis and ashing. Furthermore we create products for acid purification and direct mercury determination in solid, liquid and gas samples. We offer our customers the highest level of application support, building up over the years a relationship based on trust and commitment.

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