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German Engineered Laboratory Glassware Washers
Miele has been family owned and operated since 1899 with the goal of providing premium products and services. Based in Germany and currently under fourth generation ownership, this goal has, proudly, not changed for more than 110 years. Miele Professional holds the motto “Immer Besser” or “Forever Better” and manufactures the best laboratory equipment in the world.

  • Undercounter and Large Chamber washers available
  • More than 100 baskets, inserts and accessories available
  • Factory-rated machine life of 15,000 operating hours
  • Washers are constructed of high grade 304/316 stainless steel
  • 90% of a Miele laboratory glassware system is recyclable

Undercounter & Large Chamber Glassware Washers
Miele Professional sets the standard for analytically clean laboratory glassware, offering both undercounter and large capacity washers that can be quickly and easily validated. Miele systems are designed for in-lab use and to withstand the test of time, guaranteeing years of reliable operation. The undercounter washers range from an entry level with 3 standard wash programs to a fully programmable washer suited for sensitive areas of industrial high tech production. Features present in the range of undercounter washers include utility programs, HEPA-filtered forced-air drying, and on-board detergent and neutralizer dispensing. Large chamber glassware washers provide exceptional cleaning where physical space is limited. Features of the large chamber washers include double-door pass-through designs and the ability to clean both large volumes of glassware including small items and large items that can be difficult to clean.
Miele Professional’s full range of laboratory glassware washers include:

  • The Flex Series  Undercounter Washers:  PG 8504 PG 8583, PG 8583 CD, PG 80583 Oil and  PG 8593 
  • PG 8535 Undercounter Washer
  • PG 8536 Undercounter Washer
  • G 7825 & G 7826
    • Large Chamber Single Door Washers
    • Large Chamber Dual Door Washer
  • PG 8527 & PG 8528
    • Large Chamber Single Door Washer
    • Large Chamber Dual Door Washer
  • IR 6002

Why Miele Professional?

  1. If a washer is used 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, this translates into 10 years of operation. Most Miele washers last far beyond that.
  2. The machines are constructed of high grade 304/316 stainless steel with a factory-rated machine life of 15,000 operating hours
  3. 90% of a Miele laboratory glassware system is recyclable. For more informtion please visit www.miele-pro.com.


For more information about Miele Professional’s laboratory glassware washers, visit: www.miele-pro.com

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