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Microsaic Systems plc is a high technology company developing and marketing next generation mass spectrometry instruments. MS is widely accepted as one of the most reliable methods for identifying substances, and MS systems are used to accurately identify the chemicals that make up gaseous, liquid and solid samples.

Although fast and sensitive, typical MS products are large, heavy, energy intensive and expensive to acquire and operate. The company has successfully integrated the key MS components onto patented chip technologies called ionchip, spraychip and vac-chip. Due to physical scaling laws associated with the miniaturisation of MS components, the vacuum and power requirements for systems based on Microsaic technology are not as great as for larger, conventionally-manufactured MS systems. Consequently, Microsaic MS products are substantially smaller, lighter, consume less energy and have lower running costs.

The Microsaic 3500 MiD (Molecular ion detector) is the world's smallest mass spectro...

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