Micronic BV

To fulfil the needs of her customers in the Bio-Life Science industry, is the base of the existence and continuity of Micronic's added value to the marketplace. As an innovative developer, producer and distributor of a comprehensive line of sample storage-, tracing- and liquid handling products, Micronic places herself as a solid partner with a strong customer focus to the different branches in that Industry.

"Traceable sampling solutions" tell the outside world of Micronic, what we produce and / or deliver. She will bring this message together with her Business Partners to the marketplace, by emphasizing their shared Mission statement:

"Micronic wants to be a world class business partner to develop and secure with high quality standards, the state of the art of non coded and coded sampling and tracing solutions for the life science market, to support the realization of a high standard of health and well-being of all the living being within a consistent and indivisible worldwide eco-system"

To achieve this mission, Micronic choose for a pragmatic and practical approach to the marketplace. Focussing herself on her core competencies and a "back to basics" philosophy, she will continuously match the activities and know how of the organization and her Business partners to the market.

Micronic wants to reflect in her way of doing business her core values: Fast, Flexible, Friendly, Innovative, Socially accountable and Customer-relationship oriented.

The Micronic Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR096 offers users the ability to cap, decap o...