Metrohm AG

Our many years of experience in electrochemical analysis form the basis of the modern instrument program. Only companies that deal with the entire field of ion analysis can provide you with optimum guidance for your specific analytical problem.

Of all suppliers offering electrochemical analysis instruments, only Metrohm is proficient in the fields of titration, voltammetry and ion chromatography, as well as in the techniques of pH, ion and conductivity measurement - while also being engaged in the development of a wide range of sensors for all these methods.

Our application chemists in the laboratory and the field are thus in a position to provide you with the best possible guidance. Only the correct method is good enough for your application! Competent advice, trustworthy service and the very highest quality have made us the market leader. Metrohm specialists the world over are working to ensure that this remains the case - for your benefit. Metrohm has taken a new direction in designing the user interface with the aim of providing the user with a clear arrangement for even complex applications.

Ion analysis - really easy with Metrohm...