MaxCyte is a leader in cell transfection and modification platforms, bringing to market its patented flow electroporation technology for use in the discovery and development of small molecule drugs, biotherapeutics and innovative cellular therapeutics. MaxCyte’s proprietary flow technology uniquely fulfills the needs for high quality, fully scalable cell modification.

The MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System was designed for the rapid development and consistent production of (co)transfected primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines for cell-based screening assays for ion channels, GPCRs, and other targets, with superior performance and flexibility with Seamless Scalability™ from the bench to HTS scale.

The MaxCyte technology has been proven through over a decade of use in the clinical applications, inlcuidng a Master File designation with the CBER Division of the U.S. FDA and clearance by NIH's RAC and Health Canada. The MaxCyte system can be used to develop cell therapeutics for a variety of diseases and can be used to load cells for both autologous and allogeneic therapies.