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HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography) is a useful complement to conventional HPLC phases Separation scien...

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MACHEREY-NAGEL offers CHROMABOND® HR-X – an innovative material for solid phase extraction of pharmaceutical compounds. This inno...

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OPTIMA® 5 HT Capillary Column for GC
With temperature stability up to 400 °C, the polyimide cover and thermo-stable OPTIMA® 5 HT-silarylene phase offers many features compared...

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MACHEREY-NAGEL is proud to present the ALUGRAM Xtra. Designed around the active feedback of TLC users, MACHEREY-NAGEL has made significan...

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CHROMAFIL® Xtra disposable filter
Syringe filters are used for filtration of suspended matter from liquid samples or gases. With CHROMAFIL, rapid purification and remov...

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Company Profile

MACHEREY-NAGEL is a pioneer in the separation sciences dating from the first chromatographic method using our special filter papers, and continuing to today most sophisticated of surface modified HPLC bonded phases utilizing our ultra-pure spherical silica. Our leadership in the chromatography market is further supported by our portfolio of internally developed and manufactured products, perhaps the most extensive of any manufacturer in the world.

The goal of MACHEREY-NAGEL is to make it easy for chromatographers to find the right products and to deliver unsurpassed chromatographic resolution and reproducibility. Our research and manufacturing capabilities are the core competency enabling us to provide excellence in support, quality, and innovation.

Chief chromatographic techniques supported:

  • HPLC
  • GC
  • TLC
  • SPE
  • Preparative Chromatography
  • Chiral Chromatography
  • Low Pressure/Flash-Chromatography

Major products and services

MACHEREY-NAGEL is best known as the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL® and NUCLEODUR® brands of spherical silica. These high purity silicas are produced in various pore diameters, narrowly fractionated to 9 particle sizes, and modified by over 35 bonded phase chemistries.

Some of our newest products include:

  • NUCLEODUR® reversed-, normal- and HILIC-phase columns with exceptional selectivities 
  • NUCLEODUR® 1.8 µm particles for fast and high efficient analytical HPLC
  • OPTIMA® MS Accent and XLB new GC columns with extremely low bleed characteristics
  • CHROMABOND® columns for SPE automation and flash chromatography.

Our other well-known brands include ADAMANT, POLYGRAM® and ALUGRAM® TLC plates, and LIPODEX® capillary GC columns for enantiomeric separations. In all, we manufacture some 5,500 chromatography products supported by our website database of over 3,000 chromatograms.


The MACHEREY-NAGEL worldwide headquarters, located in Dueren (Germany), are ISO 9001 certified. Additional research and manufacturing operations are located in Oensingen (Switzerland). These facilities, along with subsidiaries located in Alsace (France), and Pennsylvania (USA), maintain inventory and provide world class technical support.