In the early 1970's, the first inert atmosphere glove box reached the market. The need for this type of equipment was rapidly rising, but some facilities were unsatisfied with the available technology. Two young, skilled and dedicated engineers Mr. Hellmut Fölster and Mr. Gerhard Hinrichs were asked to develop and build a glove box system that would satisfy their higher demands for technology and quality. After the first system was produced, its success led to the

Formation of M.Braun GmbH in 1974. This company is dedicated to the development, manufacture and advancement of inert gas technology. The reliability of operation and purity of environments quickly earned MBRAUN the reputation of producing the finest glove boxes available. The company grew continuously and expanded its sales area from Europe to the United States and Asia.

In 1994 the daughter company M.Braun Inc. was founded (www.mbraunusa.com). This company grew very fast and is now an important player in the American Glove Box market.

In 2002 the daughter company M.Braun Inertgas Systems, Shanghai (www.mbraun.com.cn) was founded to serve this exploding market directly.

In 2002 Indus Holding AG (www.indus.de) a 750 M € company acquired MBRAUN and will sustain the further growth of the M.Braun Group.

In 2003 MBRAUN moved to a new building in Garching close to Munich Airport.

M.Braun is steadily growing and ships more than 800 Glove Box systems a year. The focus shifts from standard products to customized mass production lines with a lot of automation incorporated. The main market segments are OLED production lines, High-Tech gas discharge lamp production lines and lines for Li- ion battery production.

The flexible modular standard design allows special system configurations. Like the p...

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