The FLEXMAP 3D ® detects up to 500 protein or nucleic acid analytes from a sin...

Luminex’s xMAP® Technology combines advanced fluidics, optics, and digita...

xMAP ® Technology uses color-coded microspheres to detect up to 500 protien or...

The MAGPIX® detects up to 50 protein or nucleic acid analytes from a single ali...

The Luminex ® 200™ detects up to 100 protein or nucleic acid analytes fr...

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Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures and markets proprietary protein and genomics testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life sciences industries. The Company's xMAP® multiplex solutions include an open-architecture, multiplexing platform that delivers fast, accurate and cost-effective assay results to scientists in pharmaceutical drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and biomedical research. The Company's xMAP technology is sold worldwide and is already in use in leading clinical laboratories as well as major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies.

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