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Odyssey® CLx Infrared Imaging System
The Odyssey® CLx Infrared Imaging System is a direct near-infrared fluorescence detection system. This imager is based upon the...

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Odyssey® Fc Imaging System
The Odyssey Fc System is the only system that offers superior chemiluminescent detection and the benefits of infrared western blo...

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WesternSure® ECL Substrate
WesternSure ECL Substrate is low-priced, cost-effecitve enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for detection of HRP-labeled secondary antibo...

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Pearl® Impulse Small Animal Imaging...
The Pearl Small Animal Imaging System is a small animal in vivo imaging system that uses dual-channel near-infrared detection for excellen...

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C-DiGit® Blot Scanner for Chemilumi...
Meet the latest innovation from LI-COR, the C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner. The LI-COR C-DiGit Chemiluminescence Western ...

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Company Profile

LI-COR® Biosciences is a leading manufacturer of near-infrared and chemiluminescent imaging platforms, analysis software, and IRDye® infrared dye reagents for quantitative Western Blotting, small animal imaging, and DNA fragment analysis.

The Odyssey® CLx Infrared Imaging System offers quantitative two-color Western blot analysis. This system combines unparalleled sensitivity in fluorescence detection with precise quantification of each signal. The Odyssey CLx can be used for tissue section/in vivo imaging, protein microarrays, EMSAs, and much more.

The C-DiGit® Blot Scanner is a chemiluminescent Western blot imager. It is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the appearance of film, with the convenience and flexibility of digital imaging.

LI-COR pioneered the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing, and today provides systems for drug discovery, protein research, small animal imaging, and undergraduate training.