LGC Genomic Solutions

LGC Genomics is the genomics division of the international science-based LGC Group. Following a merger with KBioscience in 2011, the combined LGC Genomics business specializes in providing products and services for Nucleic Acid Extraction, Genotyping, and Sequencing. LGC Genomics has service laboratories in the UK, Germany and the United States along with sales and support staff in over 15 locations throughout Europe, North America and the Far East.

Included in their portfolio are:

• Genotyping products and services based on their KASP™ genotyping assay and SNPline™ high throughput PCR workflow
• DNA and RNA extraction products and services based on their sbeadex™ and Kleargene™ extraction kits
• DNA sequencing services including next generation sequencing utilising the Roche 454 & Illumina HiSeq2000 platforms
• A range of other molecular biology reagents and consumables including KlearKall™ PCR master mix, KlearTaq™ DNA polymerase, PCR plates, plate sealing films, and more.
• Laboratory instrumentation including plate sealers, automated liquid handling workstations, high-throughput thermal cyclers, low-volume dispensers, and more.