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Bluespher® columns
Higher HPLC efficiency with Bluespher® columns KNAUER’s Bluespher® columns with 2.0 micron particles have been developed to fe...

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AZURA® Analytical HPLC System
KNAUER offers adaptable AZURA Analytical HPLC The AZURA® Analytical HPLC systems from KNAUER are designed to provide versatil...

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The AZURA Compact HPLC HPG is a complete analytical high pressure gradient HPLC system. Due to its extremely compact dimensions, the syste...

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What limits your LC today? When was the last time that you couldn’t sufficiently separate some peaks of interest? How did you feel in th...

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BioFox® agarose separation media an...
When did you last wish for a faster LC purification of your protein? Resolution and speed are crucial in modern FPLC methods used for th...

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Company Profile

KNAUER offers instrumentation, accessories and software as well as complete solutions for both analytical and preparative liquid chromatography applications. The KNAUER product range includes UHPLC/MS systems, biochromatography systems, and sample preparation systems. Solutions for value product purification range from semi-preparative HPLC to simulated moving bed chromatography.

KNAUER instruments and columns are used in research and development, quality control and production plant laboratories around the world. Customers are typically governmental and industrial organizations as well as universities. Fields of application are wide-ranging and include pharmaceutical and medical research, analysis of foodstuffs and cosmetics, as well as environmental analysis. KNAUER also manufactures most of its product range for selected OEM partners.