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Seal SBS format micro well plates and tubes Seal plate height with no from 9 ...

Fully Automated Desktop Heat Applied Plate Sealing System:   Seal SBS format m...

The following system can be supplied as: Colony picking Arraying Micro...

This Genomics System can be supplied as: Colony picking Arraying Micro...

KBiosystems DT-24 and DT-108 Thermal Cycling PCR systems are an alternative way of ca...

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KBiosystems has since 1991 designed and built robotic automation solutions for the biotechnology industry. Primarily a robotic engineering company, we have used our innovative approach to establish collaborations within the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry. This has allowed us to gain a solid background in the application of robotics to scientific processes. We have developed a unique range of robots for genomic and proteomic applications. Our commitment to you is to produce flexible robotics with full service support, enabling the user to benefit enormously from the use of automation.

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