Innova Biosciences Ltd.

Innova Biosciences Ltd's core business is bioconjugation: the joining of two molecules to form hybrid conjugates

Conjugates are used in hospital and research labs around the world; they also feature in consumer items such as pregnancy test kits (the conjugate is responsible for the blue line). Innova's one-step conjugation method (Lightning-Link) massively simplifies the production of conjugates that are needed for research and immunodiagnostic applications. Innova also offers exclusive services for optimizing the performance of conjugates and developing more sensitive immunodiagnostic tests. Innova also sells several niche products to pharmaceutical research and development labs.

Innova aims to deliver ground-breaking technologies and services that will greatly accelerate and simplify biological research and development. This will allow Innova to become a world leader in the supply of products and services to the academic, pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors.

Innova's research laboratories opened in October 2002 at the Babraham Bioincubator facility, close to the historic University City of Cambridge, UK. The company was awarded a research grant In 2003 to develop a number of novel research products primarily for applications in the pharmaceutical sector. In 2006, in response to frustration with traditional conjugation technologies, particularly difficulties in working with small amounts of material and in scaling up, Innova developed and launched its revolutionary Lightning-Link conjugation system. This dramatically changed the direction of the company's development and today bioconjugation is our core business. Innova sells innovative conjugation products are services throughout the Life Science sector, especially into flow cytometry and diagnostics laboratories.