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Implen GmbH is a Munich based company for system solutions especially adapted for leading edge technologies like:

o microarray based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (Array/Matrix-CGH)
o expression profiling
o protein array analysis
o fluorescence in-situ hybridizations (FISH)
o ultra low volume applications

A full product range starting with the spectrophotometrical analysis of nucleic acids in the submicroliter range, followed by intelligent automation-solutions for hybridization and post hybridization treatment build the downstream process for microarray/microscope slide based methods.

The outstanding features of our unique maintenance free and platform independent incubation and washing systems are:

o standardized, user independent experimental conditions
o improved homogeneity, signal intensity and specificity
o reduced assay times

Implen is supplier of the novel NanoPhotometerTM and the LabelGuard??Microliter Cell for spectrophotometrical measurements in the submicroliter range and is exclusive distribution partner of Advalytix AG, Brunnthal, Germany (SlideBoosterTM and ArrayBoosterTM Hybridization Stations, AdvaWashTM Universal Slide Washing Stations) for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland.

Geographic territory

IMPLEN is currently focusing on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland. The company offices are located in Munich, Southend on Sea (UK) and Zumikon near Zurich with excellent access to all major Biotech Regions in the territory.
Selected offerings are available worldwide through our global competence network...

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