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Ismatec® Reglo ICC Peristaltic Pump
The independent-channel operation of this pump simultaneously doses up to three different cell culture lines with various reagen...

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Company Profile

IDEX Health & Science offers custom engineered, fully integrated fluidic subassemblies and gas management systems for instrument manufacturers, plus precision components for laboratory users.

Products include Pumps / Valves / Manifolds / Tubing, Fittings / HPLC Columns and Accessories including these brands:
  • Eastern Plastics: manifolds and high-precision machined polymer components;
  • Isolation Technologies: advanced column hardware, HPLC accessories;
  • Ismatec: peristaltic pumps;
  • Rheodyne: high- and low-pressure valves;
  • Sapphire Engineering: precision dispense pumps, HPLC components and flow cells;
  • Systec: degassers and debubblers;
  • Upchurch Scientific: Diagnostic-Grade tubing assemblies and fittings, PEEK and polymer fittings and formed tubing

Other Capabilities:
Custom fluidic engineering, materials selection. product development, Micro- and nano-fluidics