IDBS is a leading provider of advanced software solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries. IDBS' applications, such as ActivityBase are integrated data management, analysis and decision-making products used by scientists in the drug discovery industry to acquire, manage and use chemical and biological data across a spectrum of discovery activities. IDBS' products are the chosen solutions for scientists at more than 150 leading discovery research companies.

Using IDBS' applications, scientists can easily access, visualise and analyse information throughout an entire organisation, thereby allowing chemists and biologists to communicate and process information faster and more accurately. IDBS' products create value by integrating many data sources, including chemistry, HTS, secondary screening, profiling, DMPK, early ADME, behavioral and other pharmacology-based assays. Without extensive customisation or consultation, IDBS' applications solve information management challenges that impede the life sciences industry. In fact, IDBS offers the only scalable data management solution that can increase an organisation's productivity within weeks, as compared to tool-based systems, which may involve significant customisation and can take months to be operational.