ibidi GmbH

ibidi GmbH develops, produces and distributes a "Lab-on-a-Slide" technology (so
called µ-Slides) for the analysis of cells and biomolecules. At present, the product
family covers cell culture µ-Slides, and protein µ-Slides.

The cells can be seeded into a channel and conveniently be supplied with medium.
The advantage of the µ-Slide is that it combines a cell culture dish with an optical
observation chamber equivalent to the glass slide/cover slip setup that is required for
high resolution microscopy.

The simultaneous cultivation and optical analysis of the cells enables amongst other
things; the use of immune fluorescence techniques, chemotactical investigations
and the simulation of blood vessels for adhesion and migration studies. The µ-Slide
channel can be completely coated with endothelial cells, for instance. Thus, the
µ-Slides provides a model system for interaction studies between blood stream and
vessel wall.
The high optical quality of the µ-Slide makes investigations with all usual microscopy
techniques such as DIC, phase contrast, confocal microscopy, Laser Scanning
Microscopy (LSM) and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) possible.