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Hyglos GmbH is a leading German biotech company offering products for the capture, detection and decolonization of bacteria and bacterial components based on its advanced, proprietary phage-ligand technology. It is owned by Hyglos Invest GmbH and Institut Mérieux, investors coming from science and industry. Hyglos' core competency is to exploit the principles of bacteriophage biology for diagnostic, antimicrobial and research applications relating to:

•Endotoxin removal
•Endotoxin detection
•Endotoxin-free proteins and reagents
•Food and environmental microbiology
•Human Diagnostics
•Antimicrobials (e.g. MRSA)

Hyglos' technology enables the production of state-of-the-art molecules for the effective binding of bacteria, bacterial components and lysis of bacteria. Such molecules are well suited for use in the fields of human and food diagnostics as well as the selective decolonization of pathogenic bacteria e.g. Staphylococcus aureus.

Hyglos GmbH, founded in 2009, currently employs 20 permanent staff, including scientists and marketing & sales specialists. Hyglos' scientists are highly skilled in production and isolation of bacteriophages as well as their respective proteins and have long-term experience in protein expression, purification and characterization. The company's headquarters are located in Biotechnology Center Bernried, Munich area. With approximately 650 sqm of office and production space the facility houses state of the art equipment and instrumentation for biochemistry and molecular biology research.

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