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HIROX digital video-microscope systems are the breakthrough in superior microscopic technology.

Their high quality optical, mechanical and lighting designs give Hirox 3D digital microscope and video microscope systems the highest inspection power (7000x) along with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter.

The 3D rotary head adapter performs a 360 degree rotation, which allows the user to view the specimen from all angles without having to move it. The uniqueness of the HIROX Hi-scope systems is that they provide interchangeable 3D inspection as well as hand held lens.

HIROX systems offer precision, high resolution and quality solutions in optical design for all applications including failure analysis. Our 3D digital microscope and video microscope systems are used by many industries in several different departments including R&D, inspection, failure analysis etc. Applications can be very broad and differ from company to company.

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