Hielscher USA, Inc.

There are so many ultrasonic applications, products and solutions. We offer you a wide range of various ultrasonic devices, technology, know-how and technical assistance to meet the requirements of your particular process.

With devices from 12 watts to 16,000 watts we cover ultrasonic applications in the laboratory and in the industry. In addition, we offer a lot of functional accessories, such as blades, ceramic sonotrodes and PC-integration to extend the functions of our products. This allows for a reasonable scale-up of your laboratory findings to the full production scale.

With our long and extensive experience in the conception, development and design as well as in the manufacturing of customized solutions, we guide you from the initial idea to the final ultrasound solution, no matter how small or how complicated your application may be.

Hielscher ultrasonic devices are used worldwide for homogenizing, dispersing and emulsifying as well as for deagglomerating, suspending, extracting, degassing and spraying. Mechanical applications, such as cutting, punching, welding, tinning, sieving, coating and ironing are possible, too.

In the industry, the enormous sound intensity serves for the sonication of large volumes in flow or batch. For example, systems with 60,000 watts are used for the industrial sonication of sewage sludge, serving a community of over 500,000 people. Innovation resulted in unique processes, such as ultrasonic wire cleaning, that became industry standards.

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