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Human HepatoPac™ kits are an ideal way to conduct all your DMPK, Predictive Toxicolo...

Hepregen offers a range of toxicology services using their HepatoPac™ co-cultur...

Hepregen offers a range of DMPK services using their HepatoPac™ co-culture syst...

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Hepregen Corporation is a manufacturer of unique and proprietary bioengineered micro-liver platforms for use in environmental testing, preventive care, and product development in the
pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetics, and chemical industries. The Company’s
micro-liver HepatoPac™ and HepatoMune™ cell-based assays are driving a paradigm shift in drug
development. The utility of Hepregen’s human, rat, monkey, dog, and multi-species/multi-donor HepatoPac™ and HepatoMune™ products has been validated in collaboration with investigators at several well-known pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, new applications for these products are being tested by Hepregen, its pharmaceutical company customers, and its academic and business partners. Hepregen was founded and capitalized by Battelle Ventures with technology licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The technology was developed by Professor Sangeeta Bhatia, who is a world renowned expert and leader in liver bioengineering for life science and therapeutic applications.

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