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Company Profile

The Heidolph Group of Germany was founded 65 years ago and today, employs about 400 people. Heidolph Instruments manufactures lab equipment and our sister company Heidolph Elektro drive engineering technology.

We are a leading trademark and solutions provider specialized in bench top parallel synthesizers, rotary evaporators, overhead stirrers, homogenizers, shakers & mixers, liquid pump systems and magnetic stirrers.

Heidolph products are designed and manufactured for research facilities of chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological, medical industries and universities.

 Our services: 

  • Products offering the highest international quality standards available 
  • Technical support and after-sales service provided by local Heidolph dealers 
  • 24 hour reply service on technical and application related questions 
  • World wide reputation, immediate dispatch 
  • Cutting edge technology, priority technical service 
  • Excellent safety features, three-year warranty

All this and a lot more is offered to you by Heidolph Instruments and its 100 domestic and international outlets and dealers.

All Heidolph products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and have received DIN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

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