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ORCA-Flash2.8 provides 2.8 megapixel resolution at 45 frames/second (and up to 1273 f...

The Hamamatsu Photonics C9100-02 camera bring together all the advantages of the late...

The NanoZoomer 2.0-HT is Hamamatsu's flagship of scanners and is suitable for high ...

The FDSS6000 System is an imaging based plate reader for cellular assays, assay devel...

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Creation of new industries:
Achieving sustainable growth through innovation in science & technology

We, the members of Hamamatsu, consider ourselves a research and development company. As a company, we believe that the only way to achieve sustainable growth is to maintain our technological advantages. It is our job and passion to advance photonic technologies.

Hamamatsu has been working with the Photon for more than 50 years. We have established ourselves as the top company of photoelectron conversion technologies in the world. However, we have yet to fully grasp the nature of the Photon and its potential. The more you study, the more you realize how little you know about the Photon and its applications. That is why we continue to move ahead vigorously with basic research and apply what we learn to photonics.

We realize that pursuing the knowledge of photonics technologies alone, by ourselves, is like reaching for the stars with a ladder. Thus we will work together with colleagues around the world, be they researchers, customers or stockholders, who share our passion and the belief that understanding photonic technologies will lead to broader applications and also generate new industries for the advancement of humankind.

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