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GR Scientific are recognised experts in coulometric Karl Fischer titration technology. Key personnel at GR Scientific Ltd designed and manufactured their first coulometric Karl Fischer titrator in the early 1980s and are widely regarded as some of the leading specialists in this technique.

GR Scientific products are used by many leading companies in the oil, petrochemical, gas, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, and power generation industries.

A network of international distributors in key countries has already been established. Please visit our website for details of your local GR Scientific representatives.

Our latest product, the Aquamax KF moisture meter, combines coulometry with the Karl Fischer method to determine water content of liquids, gases and powders. The titrators have been developed in response to suggestions and comments from our customers in routine laboratories, off-shore platforms and in the field. The built-in battery and optional carry case provide the versatility required by the laboratory and also the ease of use and portability requirered by the field engineer.

The Aquamax KF offers many advantages over competition. Easy to use - simple to programme so that only a single button needs to be pressed for a titration, everything else is automatic. Complete with built-in high speed printer, everything in a single footprint, small space requirement. Results can also be downloaded via the Results Manager software package onto a PC spreadsheet.

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