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GreenScreen HC
Gentronix has launched a new, accurate and fast in vitro mammalian cell genotoxicity assay - GreenScreen HC. The TK6 host ...

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GreenScreen HC - S9 (Human Cells) a...
In 2008 Gentronix launches a new S9 protocol to extend the application of the GreenScreen HC assay to include the detection of ge...

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BlueScreen HC: The luminescent adap...
BlueScreen HC is based on the fast, accurate GreenScreen HC genotoxicity assay from Gentronix Ltd. BlueScreen HC uses the same human-...

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BlueScreen HC - S9
BlueScreen HC uses a single cell strain, which permits 8 compounds to be tested across 8 dilutions (2-fold serial), together with untreated...

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Predictive Toxicology Package
The cost of drug discovery continues to rise while the output of new NDAs continues to fall. Consequently it has never been more important ...

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Company Profile

Gentronix was founded in 1999 as a spin-out from The University of Manchester to commercialise patented new technology for the early identification of genotoxic carcinogens. This technology is now available in a kit format, known as GreenScreen HC, for the early genotoxicity screening of new drug compounds.

Developed in a simple microplate format requiring less than 1mg of compound, the assay is easily automated using standard laboratory equipment. Published results and trial data demonstrate a unique combination of exceptionally high sensitivity and specificity, making GreenScreen HC the first in vitro mammalian cell assay truly suitable for early candidate screening.