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MilkoScan™ FT120
MilkoScan™ FT 120 employs the FTIR measuring principle, in compliance with IDF and AOAC standards. A complete analysis of product...

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FIAstar™ 5000 Systems
The FIAstar™ 5000 System is used for the automatic wet chemical analysis of nutrients and other parameters in water, soil and...

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Infratecâ 1725 Whole Grain Analyser
Remotely controlled real time analysis of grain. Simultaneously analyses the protein, moisture, fat and starch content of whole grain using...

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Infratec® 1275 Analyzer
Automated NIT analysis for grain, green malt and flour. A versatile analyzer for the determination of several constituents in products such...

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665-C Beer AnalyzerRapitec™ TR-5
The world’s fastest and easiest to use beer analyzer. Measures percent alcohol, real extract and other parameters at any step of the brewin...

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