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Here at Fortis Technologies we believe that the quality of life is paramount.  We take our responsibility to the industries that we serve as the key to our commitment.  Providing products which meet and indeed exceed customers requirements is our driving goal.  We strive to continuously understand the values and attributes that our customers call for, providing for these needs along with quality service and support is essential.

At Fortis Technologies we understand that value to our customers is crucial. We work both with and for our customers to ensure that we provide not only a technologically advanced product but also a value chain through the whole process. Ensuring fast, efficient, quality service that leads to a mutual benefit and understanding. Everything we do is aligned with the customer in mind

Innovation is our building block to the future, without innovation we stagnate both as individuals and as an organisation, only with the advancement of technology and science can we grow and benefit the world to be a healthier cleaner place for everybody to live and enjoy.

SpeedCore is the very latest in core-shell technology for use in HPLC and UHPLC. Des...

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